Just as I predicted in our New Year newsletter, the market has taken off and is on an ascent to new record levels this year. Just the other day we sold a character 33’ lot ‘north-of-4th’ 1912 home in a multiple offer situation selling $520,000 above asking. Now if that’s not an indicator of a market recovery I don’t know what is. We have a couple dozen similar stories of other recent sales this year. Both the Eastside and Westside markets are now in ‘Sellers Markets’ with sales ratios above 21%. With inventory levels beginning to climb substantially now, home owners are now more comfortable listing their home for sale as there are more and more purchase options for them. And the residual left-over buyer demand from last year, coupled with this year’s increasing demand, has created and insatiable buyer appetite. So new listings are being very well received if handled properly and marketed strategically.

Following the government intervention into our market at the provincial, federal, and municipal levels last year, our market responded negatively falling by approximately 15%, hitting rock bottom in October. Like a stunned fighter after a knock-out blow, our market sat up in late fall gathering it senses. By the new year, it was on its feet gaining strength and today it’s in full recovery mode gaining strength by the week.

Just another clear message to our governments that government intervention at any level with poor planning and no industry dialogue is doomed to fail. I mean really? What were they thinking?

The hottest segment of our market is still attached condos, townhomes, and half duplexes breaking the 70-80% sales ratio market. Again, this is mainly driven by affordability for the upgrade buyers adding to the increased downsizing demand. Detached houses on the eastside followed by houses on the Westside are also getting hotter and hotter.

Timing your move either up or down is one of the most critical decisions you need to make when making a move. Through our detailed Real Estate Timing Analysis, Adam and I go through a well-researched custom timeline for you that enables you to take full advantage of the cyclical and overall market patterns. It’s our job to make this next move the best ever from the sell to the buy.

So far, the team and I are on a record setting pace this year with over $37,000,000 in properties sold so far. And the vast majority of these sales have been at record setting values thanks to the continued success of our 38+ Point Marketing Plan and Backoffice follow-up and tracking systems. Thank you for continuing to recommend us to your neighbours and friends. Our repeat and referred clients continue to account for over 80% of our business. We value your business and those that you send to us. Again, thank you!

Marty & Adam






Congratulations David Wu! – Or is it Captain Wu

The team and I are very proud to announce David’s recent completion of the difficult Aerobotika Academy UAV Ground School certification for flying unmanned aerial vehicles. Flying UAV’s or drones has become an increasingly difficult task as regulations tighten and certification protocols increase.  Mainly due to maintain air traffic safety, certification is a requirement for any UAV flights. Flying ‘Jupiter’ our drone above you home enables buyers an unparalleled view of your home and its surrounding neighbourhood.  Proximity to parks, water, shopping and amenities becomes clear at the 100′ altitude 360 degree videos David will shoot.  No one in our market area can offer you in-house drone flight services for this kind of exposure.  Great job David!

jenniferHome Preparation Coordinator – Jennifer

I am thrilled to announce the appointment of our newest team member, Jennifer Correa.  Many of you have already had the pleasure of having Jennifer assist you in your home staging prior to the sale of your home.  Jennifer comes to us with years of experience in real estate, home services, and has a keen eye to help you make your home show its very best before we hit the market.  As part of our full-service team, Jennifer is now at your disposal in the very important stage of preparing your home for sale. Our clients find Jennifer’s helping hand and guidance a big relief and great benefit in the sales process and we are getting nothing but positive feedback on Jennifer and this new additional service we offer.  Keep up the good work Jennifer!

These two announcements are part of our team’s continued effort to provide the highest level of service in the industry to you, our clients.



I am proud to announce that once again Team Pospischil won the top team award at the Dexter Associates Realty Awards Banquet this past week.  Each team member put in 110% this past year to make this award possible.  Great job team!

marty-bIn the photo are (from left to right) Dexter Associates President – David Peerless, me, Adam, David, and Dexter Mgr – Kevin Skipworth.





Thanks to last year’s heavy government interference in the real estate market, we hit all-time lows in August 2016. Foreign homebuyers tax provincially, the vacant home tax locally and the revised and more stringent loan regulations federally caused a significant drop in pricing in our market last year. In many cases as much as a 15% drop in pricing across Vancouver. Through Fall we experienced some moderate price recovery mainly due to the lack of product on the market.

From the onset of our market in 2017 we have experienced a great shortage of product across all levels of our market and increased demand. As a result prices have continued their gradual recovery.

Consumer confidence has returned for a number of reasons. Firstly, bank and mortgage specialists have figured out the new loan regulations and are more confidently approving clients. Secondly, there is a significant number of buyers who did not buy last year and followed the market on its downward decline who have now jumped back into the market taking advantage of current pricing so the pent-up demand from last year is letting loose. And thirdly, the entry level segment of our market in condos, town homes and half duplexes has become extremely hot allowing sellers in that market to upgrade to higher more expensive detached product. When the entry portion of our market becomes active it feeds the upper end detached market eventually.

The interesting thing we are experiencing currently is incredible market compression in pricing. In plain English, this means that upgrade buyers are in a very unique window to jump from entry and middle end product into more expensive detached housing. There’s never been a better window to do this than right now so upgrade buyers are benefitting greatly in this market.

As these buyers feed into the upper end of our market, the current market compression will begin to unravel and prices in houses will start to take off. And this will happen rather quickly. As prices climb in the detached market, many downsizers will also take advantage of this window while the demand for their homes is high.

The catalyst in our market decompressing will be the onslaught of houses hitting the market. This usually takes place in March / April. It’s complicated to follow precisely unless you’re doing it every day like us. But our Real Estate Timing Analysis which we cover in detail with every client that we meet with has become an invaluable tool in precisely targeting the perfect times to hit the market for a sale or a purchase depending on the specific product in question. The graph below shows the annual cycle of activity throughout the year, clearly defining our spring and fall peak market activity periods.

MLS Homes Sales ActivityDespite negative forecasting in the media about our Vancouver market, I believe we are going to see an excellent year of market recovery and appreciation in all segments of our market. Canada and specifically Vancouver will continue to be targeted as one of the destination cities to live in, invest in, and enjoy the benefits.

My prediction, I can very easily see prices appreciating by 10% by year’s end in 2017.Marty & Adam



What is this program?

The government of British Columbia has introduced a program designed to help first-time homebuyer clients buying residences located in BC. Repayable down payment assistance loans will be made available between February 15, 2017 and March 31, 2020 to eligible first-time homebuyers requiring a high-ratio insured first mortgage.

How does it work?

After a Buyer is pre approved for their mortgage with their mortgage broker they can apply for the program using the online application form on the program website.

The program will match Buyer’s down payment amount for up to 5% of the purchase price of the home. For the first five years, the 25-year loan is interest-free and payment-free. Afterwards, they will need to make principal and interest payments, amortized over the remaining 20 years. Our understanding is that this interest rate will be based on today’s rates.

Eligibility Requirements Include:

* Clients on title must be first-time homebuyers.

* Client must have been a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for at least five years and have lived in BC for the last 12 months.

* Client plans to purchase a home for $750,000 or less.

* Client has saved at least half of the minimum down payment required.

* Client has a total household income of $150,000 or less.

* Client is making the home their principal residence.

* Clients that are currently approved for a mortgage and meet the qualifications can apply for down payment assistance.

* Maximum amount available though the program is $37,500.

Other terms and conditions of the loan program apply. For information about the program, visit BC Housing at



CMHC/Genworth/Canada Guaranty Increases Their Premium AGAIN
If you’re in the market for an insured mortgage, then you might want to get that mortgage before March 17.
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is raising premiums for insuring mortgages on Canadian homes for the third time in three years. Canadian homebuyers are required to have mortgage insurance if they have less than a 20 per cent down payment. The insurance provides protection for the lender in the case of a default.
How will it hit your wallet? The increase is not too significant for those making the minimum down payment required. A homebuyer with a $250,000 mortgage and a 5 per cent down payment will pay about $5 per month more in insurance premiums.
The increases are actually more substantial for larger down payments of 15 per cent or more. Those with 20 per cent or more down payment aren’t required to have mortgage insurance, although it’s used by lenders that securitize their mortgages. As a result, any increased cost will likely be passed on to customers through higher rates.
Premiums are also increasing for “non-traditional” insured mortgages i.e. home buyers with borrowed down payments, a type of mortgage down payment that could grow in popularity as homebuyers strive to gain entry in the housing market.
The premium change will come into effect on March 17. Homebuyers will be able to access the current lower rates if they have bought a home and are approved before the March 17 deadline, even if they have a later closing date.
Standard Premiums                  Premium         New Premiums
Up to and including 65%                0.60%                    0.60%
up to and including 75%                1.70%                    5.90%
up to and including 80%                2.40%                    6.05%
up to and including 85%                2.80%                    6.20%
up to and including 90%                3.20%                    6.25%
up to and including 95%:
Traditional equity                           4.00%                    6.30%
non traditional equity                    4.50%                    6.60%


On November 30, 2016 the Federal Government implemented their last set of mortgage underwriting changes. The purpose for the changes was to make borrowing more difficult and to slow down real estate investment in Canada. These changes may have had a greater  impact than what the Federal Government had intended and there could be revisions coming later this year.
The biggest change is that for any insured mortgages regardless of their loan to value – LTV – the mortgage application must be approved using the Mortgage Qualification Rate (MQR) which is currently 4.64% and a 25 yr amortization.
The second big change is that no refinances can be insured and no rentals can be insured through the bulk insurance program, creating a price increase for refinances and for rental properties applications.
All opaul-rate-feb-2017f these changes have resulted in a multi rate marketplace. i.e. the rates available for an owner occupied 5% down are the best rates, with refinances and rentals being the worst rates. It is now standard for many lenders to charge a rate premium for any amortizations that exceed 25 years.

Global Real Estate Marketing Partnership – Knight Frank

As a member of the Knight Frank global network, we are able to offer you access to over 12,700 of the very best properties for sale and rent in the most sought after locations around the world. Together we can look after your personal and professional needs as a result of our global reach, exceptional people, enviable track record, award winning technology and in depth research.

Knight Frank is the largest independent property consultancy in the world with a global reach of over 370 offices across 52 countries. Established more than 115 years ago, Knight Frank is renowned for delivering consistent, professional advice and its network of overseas offices possess first-hand knowledge of the local markets whilst working closely with the global headquarters in London to provide a seamless service to clients. Through an international network and a shared global database they can access the wealthiest buyers and finest properties around the world.

With over 12,100 people across the globe, Knight Frank’s partnership culture puts clients’ needs at the heart of everything they do. This unique environment nurtures the best people in the business, who are genuinely able to give the quality of advice that one would give to family and friends. This ensures that a life-changing process for many, whether buying, renting or letting a property, is handled with care, discretion and unrivaled professionalism.

It is not just about years of experience, but an impressive track record. Knight Frank is well known for marketing the “best in class” property around the world and when it comes to choosing a property agent they know you want to work with the very finest. The statistics speak for themselves and provide evidence of consistently strong performance, which keeps clients coming back again and again.

Technology, when it comes to using it intelligently to drive the buying, renting and selling of property, Knight Frank stands apart. With nearly 1 million visitors to their award-winning website with its multi-lingual function, which automatically translates over 12,700 properties into 18 languages, they can reach a much wider audience. Clients use ‘My Knight Frank’ to register and manage their own requirements, receive personalized alerts for property and research, as well as create their own property library to rate and review. On top of all this the App searches for property by lifestyle or GPS location and features all of their research reports.

Knight Frank’s world-class research team leads the field in understanding the key drivers of the international markets. As well as providing regular research reports from the Global Residential Market Forecast to the Prime Global Rental Index their analysts offer bespoke consultancy services to developers, lenders, investors, government departments, institutions and public sector bodies. The highly regarded Wealth Report, which is produced once a year, is the definitive global perspective on prime property and wealth, while the Global Briefing blog provides market updates, feature articles and topical interviews relating to all things property. Working closely with the overseas offices, their indices track the dynamics of market cycles and help clients to make the right decisions. These sophisticated forecasting tools support their work and maximize the value of clients’ properties and shape strategy.

Recognized as the trusted advisors of choice, Knight Frank and Dexter Associates Realty combine local knowledge and global expertise to give you the very best property advice.





Greetings From Vancouver “The New Sunny California”!


Well, to put it simply, the Vancouver real estate market has been as hot as the weather this year.

As usual, there are a variety of expert opinions and reports coming out about the future of Vancouver Real Estate. What’s different about 2015, is that major Canadian banks and think-tanks are reporting a positive outlook on the market moving into 2016.  In separate reports, both RBC and CMHC have called for a continuation of a busy market until the end of the year. Despite concerns about recessionary pressure and volatility in Asian markets, Vancouver property is still viewed as a world class investment.  Many experts are saying that this is just the beginning.

Vancouver’s low seasonal inventory and higher than average sales created the high demand situation which has led us to where we are today.  Our market place has sustained a “Seller’s Market” since January.

As in previous years, demand for detached home and their price gains have outpaced those of condo, townhouses and apartments.  That said, attached homes in specific areas have seen larger gains and activity than we  have seen in a long while.  In fact, we just experienced the strongest August in 20 years according to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s statistics!

Inventory is still on the lower side, but this is typical for the opening of the fall market season. As in years past, we anticipate that fall will be a time of more choice for buyers, and sustained demand for sellers’ properties making it a great window of opportunity to make your move.

What does all this mean for you?  When you see a property that looks interesting, let us know right away so that we can guide you through getting your best offer in.  A great offer isn’t only about price; working with you, we will craft the offer that both meets your needs and looks great to sellers.  

Properties priced right for the market will get several offers during the first week or two, and bidders who don’t get their offers in early often miss out.

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, the activity remains excellent and prices are at an all time high.

What ever your needs, Marty and I are always happy to chat with you, your family, and your friends regarding moves and real estate goals.



The Referral Force Awakens Contest


Pending final Disney approval, on December 19th, our best clients will be treated to a Private Screening of Star Wars VII – THE FORCE AWAKENS.

As is the case with well priced properties everyone wants this movie.  The competition is fierce, but we are thrilled to announce that we have secured a 95% commitment from a local theater that Team Pospischil will be able to host our guests on opening weekend.

Our Movie Morning is one of the ways Team Pospischil says “Thank You” to our clients . . . But we still want to do more.  Your referrals are the way you tell us that you trust us to do a good job for your family and friends and people you work with.

Starting September 10th, each referral you send us will qualify as a ballot in our

REFERRAL FORCE AWAKENS PRIZE GIVEAWAY on December 19th.  Please remember to tell us who you are referring to us with all their contact information so we can contact them.  Prize packages include:

Early Bird Prize: ‘Princess Leia Royal Treatment’ ~ A VIP Package at the December 19th screening of The Force Awakens.   Reserved Seating, special snacks served to your seats, and more….

The following great Referral Prizes will be drawn at our Movie Morning on December 19th…

1st Prize: ‘Yoda Does Whistler’ Get Away:  “Relax you must young Jedi”  with a 2 night ski-in/ski-out slope-side accommodation in Whistler for 2 (or family of 4), dinner at Araxi Restaurant and Oyster Bar and a $200 Visa gift card to spend on spas, skiing, anything you can think of.

2nd Prize: ‘Chew with Chewy’ Night Out: Treat your favourite Wookie to a night out at Chewies Oyster bar at Kits Beach with a $150 Gift Card.

3rd Prizes: ‘Clone Trouper Blaster Breaks’ (3 prizes): Win one of three $50 gift cards to a variety of great eateries.

Thanks again for your referrals and, as Yoda would say: “A Friend in the Real Estate Business you have!”