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Coming as a novice to sell my Vancouver home I found their awareness of the current market, and the location of my house in the market truly enlightening

I can’t imagine there exists a better real-estate team in Vancouver than that of Marty Pospischil.

Coming as a novice to sell my Vancouver home I found their awareness of the current market, and the location of my house in the market truly enlightening. They grounded my fantasies and clarified reality. Their detailed comparison with similar properties helped me focus toward a just and effective listing price. All along the way they were there with detailed advice when I felt unsure of the next step. Their ‘staging team’ was efficient in making my property look its best and their photographer revealed my house to be  ‘the palace’ I believe it to be.

The breadth of their contact net was amazing for it brought hundreds of interested parties to the days of Open House. These they held diligently, leaving the house in perfect condition, then reported back to me afterwards. Most crucially Marty’s support and guidance through the final sale negotiations was very helpful.

In this single week of condensed and potent selling process there was not one misstep. Marty Pospischil and his team are, in the best sense, true professionals.  From this corner I award them 10 out of 10!

-Ron W.

Testimonial: The two openhouse showings hosted over 180 people which resulted in multiple offers after only 8 days on the market.

We just sold our townhouse in Kitsilano using the services of Marty Pospischil and his team. The service they provided was outstanding from the initial market value assessment to the detailed marketing plan including the MLS listing ,brochures, post cards and a You Tube video. His team prepared the house diligently including power washing the decks and providing gardener services for the plants and flowers. The two openhouse showings hosted over 180 people which resulted in multiple offers after only 8 days on the market. The final negotiations were conducted very professionally and resulted in maximizing the selling price.

-Mike and Hilary A.

Thank you so much for all the hard work put into selling our home very quickly!

Thank you so much for all the hard work put into selling our home very quickly! You made it all very easy for us with an efficient and friendly team and a great marketing program- we got more than we were hoping for. You came in with a plan and executed precisely. We would definitely recommend your services to anyone buying or selling their home.

– Laura and Ryan B.



Just as I predicted in our New Year newsletter, the market has taken off and is on an ascent to new record levels this year. Just the other day we sold a character 33’ lot ‘north-of-4th’ 1912 home in a multiple offer situation selling $520,000 above asking. Now if that’s not an indicator of a market recovery I don’t know what is. We have a couple dozen similar stories of other recent sales this year. Both the Eastside and Westside markets are now in ‘Sellers Markets’ with sales ratios above 21%. With inventory levels beginning to climb substantially now, home owners are now more comfortable listing their home for sale as there are more and more purchase options for them. And the residual left-over buyer demand from last year, coupled with this year’s increasing demand, has created and insatiable buyer appetite. So new listings are being very well received if handled properly and marketed strategically.

Following the government intervention into our market at the provincial, federal, and municipal levels last year, our market responded negatively falling by approximately 15%, hitting rock bottom in October. Like a stunned fighter after a knock-out blow, our market sat up in late fall gathering it senses. By the new year, it was on its feet gaining strength and today it’s in full recovery mode gaining strength by the week.

Just another clear message to our governments that government intervention at any level with poor planning and no industry dialogue is doomed to fail. I mean really? What were they thinking?

The hottest segment of our market is still attached condos, townhomes, and half duplexes breaking the 70-80% sales ratio market. Again, this is mainly driven by affordability for the upgrade buyers adding to the increased downsizing demand. Detached houses on the eastside followed by houses on the Westside are also getting hotter and hotter.

Timing your move either up or down is one of the most critical decisions you need to make when making a move. Through our detailed Real Estate Timing Analysis, Adam and I go through a well-researched custom timeline for you that enables you to take full advantage of the cyclical and overall market patterns. It’s our job to make this next move the best ever from the sell to the buy.

So far, the team and I are on a record setting pace this year with over $37,000,000 in properties sold so far. And the vast majority of these sales have been at record setting values thanks to the continued success of our 38+ Point Marketing Plan and Backoffice follow-up and tracking systems. Thank you for continuing to recommend us to your neighbours and friends. Our repeat and referred clients continue to account for over 80% of our business. We value your business and those that you send to us. Again, thank you!

Marty & Adam






Congratulations David Wu! – Or is it Captain Wu

The team and I are very proud to announce David’s recent completion of the difficult Aerobotika Academy UAV Ground School certification for flying unmanned aerial vehicles. Flying UAV’s or drones has become an increasingly difficult task as regulations tighten and certification protocols increase.  Mainly due to maintain air traffic safety, certification is a requirement for any UAV flights. Flying ‘Jupiter’ our drone above you home enables buyers an unparalleled view of your home and its surrounding neighbourhood.  Proximity to parks, water, shopping and amenities becomes clear at the 100′ altitude 360 degree videos David will shoot.  No one in our market area can offer you in-house drone flight services for this kind of exposure.  Great job David!

jenniferHome Preparation Coordinator – Jennifer

I am thrilled to announce the appointment of our newest team member, Jennifer Correa.  Many of you have already had the pleasure of having Jennifer assist you in your home staging prior to the sale of your home.  Jennifer comes to us with years of experience in real estate, home services, and has a keen eye to help you make your home show its very best before we hit the market.  As part of our full-service team, Jennifer is now at your disposal in the very important stage of preparing your home for sale. Our clients find Jennifer’s helping hand and guidance a big relief and great benefit in the sales process and we are getting nothing but positive feedback on Jennifer and this new additional service we offer.  Keep up the good work Jennifer!

These two announcements are part of our team’s continued effort to provide the highest level of service in the industry to you, our clients.



I am proud to announce that once again Team Pospischil won the top team award at the Dexter Associates Realty Awards Banquet this past week.  Each team member put in 110% this past year to make this award possible.  Great job team!

marty-bIn the photo are (from left to right) Dexter Associates President – David Peerless, me, Adam, David, and Dexter Mgr – Kevin Skipworth.



Testimonial: “We knew we were in good hands from the beginning of the relationship”

“Wow, what a ride! From selling our home to purchasing a new one, Marty and Adam defined the term full service! Professional, confident and informed, we knew we were in good hands from the beginning of the relationship. Every little detail was covered and we were impressed with how they went above and beyond for us. We would recommend Adam and Marty to anyone looking for the best realtor experience in Vancouver.”


The team brought six offers to the table at the first post open houses meeting and a sale resulted at over 10% above the asking price.

“Marty and Adam were recommended by a family member.  Thanks to their far-reaching marketing plan and two open houses, I sold my home in a week.  The team brought six offers to the table at the first post open houses meeting and a sale resulted at over 10% above the asking price.  Marty’s and Adam’s professionalism, experience, and communication skills plus their Home Prep Coordinator Jennifer’s advice and support made a major life event a smooth and timely process that leaves me free to move on to my next home and retirement.  I highly recommend Team Pospischil.”

-Laura M.

Testimonial: It sold in a week for almost 20% over asking. We were shocked!

“We wanted to list our property, but we were hesitant due to all the noise in the media regarding the drop in the real estate market.  When we spoke to Marty, he informed us that there was a lack of inventory in our specific market and there was a lot of pent-up demand.  We were willing to do some renovations, but he knew that timing was more important, so we listed right away at market value.  He promoted our property well and got heavy traffic in our open houses, which generated multiple offers.  It sold in a week for almost 20% over asking.  We were shocked!  There is no way we would have received the offers we did without the hard work from him and his team.  We are so grateful.”

-Geraldo and Kelly

Spring 2017 record-setting sale of our West side 33’ property in eight days: $338,000 over Asking Price!

A few weeks ago, I was in the belief that location and mountain and water views were the cardinal requirements of selling my property.

After consulting with Marty Pospischil, and reviewing Marty’s Comparative Market Analysis prepared exclusively for my property, I realized that a dedicated professional real estate team is much more important for a successful sale.

Following Marty’s Sales review and his 38 Point Marketing Plan, my home was prepared by the team members for the following three open houses.

The extensive advertising program on the internet, by thousands of property cards and brochures brought 77 interested purchasers through my property and generated six offers within a week.

Finally, Offer Presentation crowned the hard work of Marty’s Team by a record-setting price close to the sky-high 2017 Property Assessment Notice.

I highly recommend Team Marty Pospischil to homeowners who are considering selling a property on the West Side of Vancouver.

-Paul and sons: Peter and Tibor